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There are many suppliers of plastic injection molding parts and allied services that are constantly designing innovative devices for the medical industry. They serve medical OEMs in many ways from supplying regular quantities of plastic injection parts for devices and also aiding medical product researchers in designing and developing breakthrough instruments and implants.

Plastic injection molding parts are in great demand in various sectors including orthopedic, dental, ophthalmology, pediatrics, imaging, radiation shielding amongst others.

Plastic injection molding parts are made of safe medical grade plastics. Some examples of medical plastics molding services include: over-molded surgical instruments, over-molded dental instruments, disposable syringes, drug delivery devices, flow sensor housings etc. Since medical products are critical, they are invariably tight tolerance plastic injection molded medical grade components.

There are several manufacturers of custom medical device components ranging from components for blood analysis machines to surgical instruments. They have qualified engineers that will suggest professional designs and recommend changes that will make the parts mold more strongly. Quite often they can make devices more efficient by scientifically combining components into a single molding operation.

There are medical device designers that work in varied product segments including contact with human fluids, sterilization, implant able grade materials, class VI grade silicones, and custom compounds. There is a steadily increasing demand for designing small and still more refined devices such as hearing aids, ear canal implant devices, micro pumps, and micromanipulators.

In fact, manufacturers of medical devices have started designing products with micro features that call for tolerances in microns. Hence the micro molding process is gaining grounds for making plastic parts with amazingly micro features.

However, there are growth opportunities and technical challenges galore for injection molders in times ahead. They will have to explore making micro sized and highly refined plastic parts for medical industry. Micro features are precision work demanding advanced mould building techniques. These techniques include micro machining, micro EDM, micro stereo lithography and laser ablation.

It will become imperative for people building molds meant for producing micro parts to possess EDM and milling machines with high positioning resolutions of 0.1 µm and accuracies of 1 µm.

There is a popular misconception that as a mould gets smaller the cost decreases because the material consumption is less. But strangely this is not true with micro molds as they do not conform to common pricing concepts. Besides, the equipment and methodology for creating micro features and attaining micron-level tolerances results in an inverse relationship between mold cost and part size.

Needless to say, the micro molding process needs machines capable of precise control over the metering and injection of the plastic melt. Injection capacity increases as the part size becomes smaller.

The medical plastic injection molding part producers should have the ability to work with clients in R&D activities that include medical product design, develop tooling, perform short trial runs, and then make tooling changes.

Medical injection molding is a promising industry sector with a tremendously bright future. But contrary to many other manufactured goods, medical product development requires stricter controls to avoid failures that can prove costly and even attract legal action.

Reliable Injection Molding located in Houston, Texas, is spearheading the injection molding services for the medical industry, through manufacturing quality injection molds. Reliable injection Molding is renowned for design and manufacturing of molds, plastic injection molding parts, prototypes, and mold repair - among many other similar services.

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