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This year, plastic injection molding industry had a rapid growth and its machine sales exceeded RMB20 billion in China and ranks first in the world. In Germany, the export value of plastic molding machines has increased by 55.2% and in Japan it doubled to 12,000 units. The industry also had a rapid growth in America and Italy.

Being the largest production base of plastic injection molding machines, China had an excellent rise in production with its output and sales volume increasing by 40% and export value increasing by 70%.

The reason behind its growth is:

  • Industries like automobile, home appliance, building materials and plastic package had a steady increase in production due to the economic development
  • Volumes were quickly released
  • With improved foreign trade conditions, exports increased
  • As per other reports, plastic injection molding machine constitutes 40% share in China and 50-80% share in Germany, Japan and USA in the total output of plastic machinery. The global market has experienced an increase in the average rate by 3.5%. The output in 2007 was 91,480 and in 2008 it was 97,250. In 2008 and 2009, the output reduced by 10% and 5% and due to the demand for plastic injection molding machines, the output increased by 9.2%.

    The major reasons are:

  • The fiinancial crisis reduced the market value in 2008
  • The demand from downstream industries increased
  • Domestic demand expansion, economic development promotion, industrial revitalization planning was developed
  • Value added tax was introduced to encourage equipment investment
  • In 2009, the import and export volumes declined by 49.1% and 39.3%
  • Nowadays, electric injection molding machines are widely used in Japan and European countries due to the advantages in energy efficiency. Though injection molding machine industry started late in China, the influence of energy conservation policy made the industry to develop steadily. More than 10 enterprises were engaged in R&D and manufacturing of all-electric injection molding machines as of 2010.

    Two-plate injection molding machines has been widely used in European countries, America and Japan while China has been using 3 plate machines.

    In China, usage of two plate injection molding machines is at the initial stage. The major production bases in China and even across the world are Ningbo and Dongguan. Ningbo occupies half the output of injection molding machines in the Chinese market and 1/3 of the global market shares.

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