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WOOJIN PLAIMM Injection machines become the machine of choice at Reliable Injection Molding.

Posted on 5/18/2015 by Administrator Account in injection machine woojin plaimm plastic injection machine

In order to stay competitive and provide our customers with the best service and turn around times possible, RIM, choose Woojin Plaimm equipment to become the new standard. Woojin machines have proven to be robust, reliable and not only effective but efficient.

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Thread protectors and oil field tubular products demand increases

Posted on 5/1/2013 by Administrator Account in thread protectors pipe thread protector OCTG

At realiable injection molding we are prepared to supply the increasing demand for protectors and Oil Country Tubular Goods, OCTG, as needed. Our thread protectors conform to API specifications and Premium connections. Our thread protectors range from 2" to 20". At reliable injection molding we manufacture our own moulds in-house and can customize them to meet our customers needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Reliable Injection Molding for your Thread protectors and OCTG needs. 713-849-2523

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Cutting Costs By Using Modern Manufacturing Techniques

Posted on 4/25/2013 by WebZoneUS Account in manufacturing process

To be successful in today’s manufacturing industry, you need more cost-effective and efficient techniques for manufacturing products....

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