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Injection Molding for Construction Industry
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As a leading manufacturer of injection molds, Reliable Injection Molding has the opportunity to design, manufacture and support almost every area of the construction industry. We provide products in various forms to every major construction company in developing specialty connectors, drilling components and various other products which brings an unique identification to our products.

We also offer reliable, innovative and exceptional customer and develop innovative applications faster for the architecture and construction industries at lower cost and thus increase our productivity. We manufacture molding materials and ensure that the construction industry receive the required parts they need.

We have achieved long term partnerships with various construction industries and our support system offers the the most extensive services and ensure prompt assistance to maximize productivity. Apart from keeping our customers in the lead, We help them expand their business by solutions which would be faster and more productive.

Reliable Injection Molding has developed sophisticated Construction Plastic Molded Parts equipment for a large number of Construction Industries. We offer a complete solution from design, mold building, rapid prototyping, injection molding, assembling and delivery. We specialize in plastic injection molding and also offer secondary operations including assembly, plastic assembly, kitting, and packaging.

The products which we manufacture for the construction industry have unique properties because of the experience we have in designing and engineering of products.