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Injection Molding for Medical Industry
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Injection Molding is a process where different molded parts are manufactured from thermoplastics or thermosetting plastics. Explained in simple terms, it is a procedure in which the plastic, softened by heat is pushed from a cylinder into a relatively cool opening, shaped in the form of the object to be produced. This plastic Injection molding has attained great popularity and made tremendous impact in various industries like aerospace, automotive, consumer products, toys, medical, plumbing, packaging and construction. This process is followed in the manufacture of small parts and even in the manufacture of the entire body of certain machines.

Medical Injection Molding has now become one of the strongest growing industries in US and in other major countries across the globe. Though this process has its applications in all industries, injection molding in the medical field is to be viewed more carefully as even the slightest error can cause a big blunder when it comes to this industry. For example, if there is a small size variation during tooth brush manufacturing, it is still not a mistake as it would definitely serve its purpose well. But if a similar mistake is committed in the medical industry this would affect both the doctor and the patient in an awful way. So it is always recommended to consider this molding process as a whole and with great caution.

When it comes to the process, the tools and the machines used, Medical Injection Molding requires an injection molding machine and other specialized tools. In this specialized process the plastic capsules are heated and melted down in a cylinder and forced (injected) into the molds to form the medical equipments.  In this way many medical appliances like heart pump parts, orthopedic devices, catheters, heartbeat monitors, EKG and oxygen parts and other diverse important parts are manufactured. Considering the importance of these equipments the process has to go through several quality checks and the consistency should also be maintained.  Thus evidences of extensive tests done and FDA approval is a must while manufacturing parts through plastic injection molding in the medical field.